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Brackets Mounting

Metal construction.Screw locking.Black enamel paint.Includes mounting screws and mounting plate for attaching to the cradle.Size:...

Compatible with replacing or repairing a Smoothtalker base. Screws supplied. For mounting a cradle to the bracket...

Double bend L Custom suits Ford Falcon AU Car radio areaBase 40x38mmReach 28mmPhone 56x50mm Phone Holders to suit Ford

Custom fits Commodore Above-right Vent area Does not interfere with drink holdersReach 75mmPhone 44x54mm Phone Holders to suit Holden

Double bend L Custom suits Holden VectraBase 34x44mmReach 18mmPhone 55x50mm

Customised bracket Suits Pajero using existing bolts and fixtures.Phone 40x45mm Mitsubishi Pajero Z Mnt Phone Bracket

Customised bracket Suits Magna using existing bolts and fixtures.Base 40x17mmReach 40mmPhone 40x45mm

R/A Pocket mount Suit Toyota Camry, etc. Base 32x50mmPhone 42x50mm Toyota Camry Phone Bracket

Custom suits Toyota HiluxBase 67x25mmReach 42mmPhone 50x55mm

DIN size bracket Elbow stand-off 20mmBase 190x60mmPhone 39x60mm Universal Stereo Mount Phone Bracket

Double bend L Custom suits Ford Falcon AU Car radio areaBase 52x44mmReach 16mmPhone 52x48mm Phone Holders to suit Ford

Tri-bend L Custom fits Commodore Radio areaBase 17x62mmReach 25mmPhone 44x50mm Phone Holders to suit Holden

Tilt bracket for Commodore Ashtray area. *Phone base.Base 24x80mmReach 85mmPhone 42x50mm*

Adapt brackets Mount solutions or behind support for bolts, etc.

Custom suits Holden AstraBase 27x38mmReach 30mmPhone 50x50mm